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Did you stumble into my page? Take a second. Sit down and have a read. I’m new to the den. When my blog posts start appearing, you can find them from here.

I'm Chitra Soundar. My name Chitra is derived from Sanksrit, an ancient Indian language and it means "painting".
I’ve been listening to and telling stories as far as I can remember. My first storytelling prize was in Year 3 when I was just 7 and a bit. I made up poems, stories and lots of excuses growing up.

I’ve was born and raised in Chennai in India and then moved to live and work in Singapore. Then I moved to the UK and have been here ever since. 

My publishing life started in Singapore with a book of retellings from Indian folklore. Since then I’ve written over 35 books for children that have been translated into Chinese, Japanese, French, Arabic and many Indian languages. I regularly write for magazines too.

My first picture book was published by Tulika Books, India featuring Gola the yak. Gola goes looking for a place to live across the jungles, riversides, beaches and deserts.
Where is Gola’s Home? Is a picture book (illustrated by Priya Kurien) for young children discovering their worlds. It’s also a great favourite of teachers.

My other picture book with Tulika Books is Balu’s Basket (illustrated by Uttara Sivadas), which features familiar and new Indian fruits.

My most popular picture book series are the Farmer Falgu books published by Karadi Tales, India, illustrated by Kanika Nair.

Farmer Falgu Goes on a Trip and Farmer Falgu Goes to the Market are sold in India, France, Japan, US and soon in the UK too. The third book Farmer Falgu Goes Kite Flying will be out in January 2017 in India and the fourth book Farmer Falgu Goes to Kumb Mela will be out in Thailand soon.

My recent picture book in the UK is Pattan’s Pumpkin published by Otter-Barry Books and illustrated by Frané Lessac. This is a previously untold flood story of how Pattan rescued his tribe with the help of a giant pumpkin. You can find out all about Pattan’s Pumpkin here.

I’ve also written the very popular colouring and activity books telling the ancient tales of Panchatantra with Scholastic India and a couple of readers with Oxford University Press, Pakistan.

Find out more about all my picture books here

Other than picture books, I also write junior fiction. The Prince Veera series is published by Walker Books.

As a storyteller and a picture book author, I love telling the stories to young and old. I go into schools regularly to tell stories and to run story-making and creative writing workshops. I also visit bookshops, libraries and festivals. You can find out more about my school visits here.

I'm the Patron of Reading at West Earlham Junior School, Norwich.  I firmly believe in Reading for Pleasure especially in Asian families.

I'm also a virtual author. No, that does not mean I'm a computer generated author or just an avatar. I'm still a real one with real teeth, two horns and a tail. (I'm joking, I've misplaced my other horn.).  Find out more here

I’m always making up a story in my head. I catch ideas and store them in my phone. I scribble, doodle, cry, scream and sometimes write them down. It takes me a long time for an idea to become an actual book. I’m always working on many stories at the same time. I can never do just one thing. That’s not my thing.

And finally I leave you with this...

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