Moira Butterfield

My name is Moira Butterfield, and I’ve been working as an author and editor in the children’s book field for some years. You can find a full list of my titles on

Current storybooks include Smile, baby, Smile, illustrated by Rosalind Beardshaw and Muddypaws, illustrated by Simon Mendez. Muddypaws became a successful ipad App in 2011. As well as ‘straight’ storybooks I have worked on a lot of paper-engineered storybooks, collaborating closely with designers and illustrators to create a satisfying playbook experience for young readers.

As a writer I range over quite a few other genres, apart from storybooks for under-5s. I also write non-fiction books and young fiction books, so I’ll be bringing an eclectic perspective to the Picture Book Den.

I’ve got some exciting new ebook plans, so you might be reading about my fumbling forays onto the internet, as well as my current commissioned work, and my increasing interest in the process of being creative. As I explore this interesting avenue further, I hope to pass on some of the tips I discover!