Malachy Doyle

Malachy’s Musings

On my little island at the very edge of Donegal, at the very edge of Ireland, at the very edge of Europe, I write and think and walk and dream.  And my favourite thing to write is picture books. 

I’ve been making picture books now for, oh, nearly 20 years, and I’m still hooked.  Still trying to write the perfect one.

My first was The Great  Castle of Marshmangle, illustrated by the wonderful Paul Hess, and published by the amazing Klaus Flugge of Andersen Press.

Since then I’ve seen into the world, oh, about thirty, as well as all sorts of other books.

Here, in the Picture Book Den, I’ll try and give you an insight into my world, my thoughts, my walks, my dreams. 

I live in an extraordinary place, doing an extraordinary job.  The best picture books are like the little cowrie shells I find washed up on the beaches here - small and rare and perfectly-formed.  They’re like a secret, shared with the finder.

Welcome to the Picture Book Den.  Welcome to our world.     

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