Lynne Garner

Welcome to my page. 

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Writing Bio: 

I began writing professionally in 1997. My first 'gig' was to produce a two-page monthly column for Popular Crafts. In 2007 I ticked 'get a picture book published' from my 'bucket' list when I had my first picture book published -  A Book For Bramble. My second traditionally published book The Best Jumper has been recorded by the BBC and aired on the CBeeBies radio channel. Since 1997 I've had 24 books and over 200 features published. In 2010 I had 11 of my picture books turned into apps by Mad Moment Media Ltd, which are available for use on the iPhone and iPad via iTunes. In 2011 I had my first set of short stories (Anansi The Trickster Spider) published as an ebook, which was followed by a second volume. In 2014 these two books were followed by a collection of short stories featuring Brer Rabbit.  

'Proper' work:
Although I love to write, writing can be a lonely occupation. So I also have a 'proper' job as a teacher. I'm not based in one place but am lucky enough to be able to go in and teach in schools, children's centres, libraries etc. and teach a variety of subjects including arts, crafts and creative writing. I also run distance learning courses for Women On Writing which include:

How To Write A Picture Book And Get Published
5 Picture Books In Five Weeks - Advance course
How To Write A Hobby Based How-to Book       

Author visits:
I love to share my passion for writing and crafting with anyone who'll listen. If you teach or are a member of a group which is based within a 30 miles radius of Stansted Airport and would like to organise a visit please contact me at  I'm happy to tailor the visit to suit your needs and as a teacher myself can suggest bolt-on activities once my visit it over.    

What I do when I'm not writing:
In my spare time I walk the dog (a lot!) and help run a non-funded hedgehog rescue centre called Herts Hogline. We rescue sick, injured and orphaned hedgehogs, which is where the idea for my very first story A Book For Bramble came from. Now for a cute hedgehog picture!

I hope you enjoy reading the blogs on the Picture Book Den.